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100 Unit Picks Weekly Records

Welcome to our records page. We have nothing to hide, we put it all out there for the world to see.
We are not perfect as nobody is, but we are dam near close. The difference with us is you won't get many games a week.
Only 1 to be exact. And When we mess up and lose, you get a full no questions asked refund. Refunds are delivered the same way you pay.

If you have any questions regarding our record please feel free to email or give us a call.

NOTE: We just switched our record system to show the actual plays we give out. Please bare with us while we update our records going back 10+ years.
We want to show historical data of the exact plays we have given out.
This is at the request of our awesome clients who have asked to see not just wins and losses by numbers but the exact plays that won or lost.

LAST UPDATE: 2-16--20
2/15/2020 NCAA Hoops Oklahoma vs. Kansas Kansas -10.5 WIN
1/19/2020 NFL Tennessee vs. Kansas City Tennessee +7.5 WIN
1/4/2020 NFL Seattle vs. Philadelphia Philadelphia +2 LOSS
1/2/20 NCAA FB Tennessee vs. Indiana Tennessee ML -130 WIN
12/22/19 NFL Kansas City vs. Chicago Kansas City -6 WIN
12/20/19 NCAA FB Buffalo vs. Charlotte OVER 51 LOSS
11/30/19 NCAA FB UTSA vs. Louisiana Tech OVER 56.5 WIN
11/18/19 NFL Kansas City vs. LA Chargers LA Chargers +5.5 LOSS
11/12/19 NCAA Hoops Central Ark vs. Duke UNDER 153.5 LOSS
11/11/19 NFL Seattle vs. San Francisco Seattle +6.5 WIN
10/21/19 NFL New England vs. NY Jets New England -9 WIN
10/14/19 NFL Detroit vs. Green Bay Green Bay -3.5 LOSS
10/4/19 NCAA FB UCF vs. Cincinnati OVER 60 LOSS
9/27/19 NCAA FB Penn State vs. Maryland Penn State -6.5 WIN
9/22/19 NFL LA Rams vs. Cleveland LA Rams -3.5 WIN
9/14/19 NCAA FB Hawaii vs. Washington OVER 58.5 WIN
8/25/19 MLB Washington vs. Chicago Cubs Washington -125 WIN
8/24/19 MLB Washington vs. Chicago Cubs Washington -120 WIN
8/14/19 MLB LA Dodgers vs. Miami LA Dodgers -1.5 WIN
7/13/19 MLB Atlanta vs. San Diego Atlanta +110 WIN
6/25/19 MLB Seattle vs. Milwaukee Milwaukee -165 LOSS
6/10/19 NBA Golden State vs. Toronto OVER 214 LOSS
6/2/19 NBA Golden State vs. Toronto OVER 214.5 LOSS
5/31/19 MLB Milwaukee vs. Pittsburgh Milwaukee -120 WIN
5/19/19 MLB St. Louis vs. Texas St. Louis -155 LOSS
5/10/19 MLB Philadlephia vs. Kansas City Philadelphia -145 LOSS
5/1/19 MLB Colorado vs. Milwaukee Milwaukee -140 LOSS
4/25/19 MLB LA Dodgers vs. Chicago Cubs LA Dodgers -118 WIN
4/22/19 MLB Texas vs. Oakland Oakland -140 WIN
4/2/19 NCAA Hoops Wichita State vs. Lipscomb Wichita State -115 LOSS
3/28/19 NCAA Hoops Texas Tech vs. Michigan Michigan -120 LOSS
3//12/19 NBA LA Lakers vs. Chicago OVER 226 WIN
3/5/19 NCAA Hoops VCU vs. George Mason VCU -5 WIN
2/25/19 NCAA Hoops Kansas State vs. Kansas OVER 133.5 LOSS
2/18/19 NCAA Hoops Virginia vs. Virginia Tech Virginia -5 WIN
2/11/19 NBA Charlotte vs. Indiana Indiana -5 WIN
2/3/19 NFL New England vs. LA Rams LA Rams +2.5 LOSS
1/28/19 NCAA Hoops Baylor vs. Oklahoma OVER 138.5 LOSS
1/20/19 NFL New England vs. Kansas City New England +3 WIN
1/12/19 NFL Dallas vs. LA Rams Dallas +7 LOSS
1/6/19 NFL LA Chargers vs. Baltimore LA Chargers +3 WIN
12/30/18 NFL Cleveland vs. Baltimore Cleveland +7 WIN
12/24/18 NFL Denver vs. Oakland Oakland +3 WIN
12/9/18 NFL LA Rams vs. Chicago LA Rams -3 LOSS
12/2/18 NFL Baltimore vs. Atlanta Baltimore +2 WIN
11/25/18 NFL Pittsburgh vs. Denver Pittsburgh -170 LOSS
11/16/18 NCAA Hoops Valparaiso vs. Monmouth Valparaiso -5 WIN
11/12/18 NFL NY Giants vs. San Francisco OVER 44.5 WIN
11/4/18 NFL Kansas City vs. Cleveland Kansas City -8 WIN
10/28/18 NFL Indianapolis vs. Oakland Indianapolis -3 WIN
10/22/18 NFL NY Giants vs. Atlanta Atlanta -4 LOSS
10/14/18 NFL Jacksonville vs. Dallas Jacksonville -3 LOSS
10/7/18 NFL Green Bay vs. Detroit Green Bay PK LOSS
9/29/18 NFL San Francisco vs. LA Chargers LA Chargers -10 LOSS
9/24/18 NFL Pittsburgh vs. Tampa Bay Pittsburgh +1 WIN
9/16/18 NFL New England vs. Jacksonville New England -1 LOSS
9/9/18 NFL Washington vs. Arizona Arizona (PK) LOSS
9/1/18 NCAA FB Old Dominion vs. Liberty Liberty +6 WIN
8/25/18 NCAA FB Hawaii vs. Colorado State Colorado State -14 LOSS
8/19/18 MLB Baseball Arizona vs. San Diego Arizona -1.5 (-125) LOSS
8/12/18 MLB Baseball Oakland vs. LA Angels Oakland -130 WIN
8/5/18 MLB Baseball NY Yankees vs. Boston Boston -125 WIN
7/25/18 MLB Baseball Houston vs. Colorado Houston -130 LOSS
7/22/18 MLB Baseball LA Dodgers vs. Milwaukee LA Dodgers -135 WIN
7/15/18 MLB Baseball Chicago Cubs vs. San Diego Chicago Cubs -140 WIN
7/8/18 MLB Baseball LA Dodgers vs. LA Angles LA Dodgers -120 LOSS
7/1/18 MLB Baseball Milwaukee vs. Cincinnati Milwaukee -130 LOSS
6/24/18 MLB Baseball Arizona vs. Pittsburgh Arizona +100 WIN
6/17/18 MLB Baseball NY Mets vs. Arizona Arizona -135 LOSS
6/10/18 MLB Baseball St. Louois vs. Cincinnati St. Louis -125 LOSS
6/4/18 MLB Baseball Atlanta vs. San Diego Atlanta -+105 LOSS
5/27/18 MLB Baseball Arizona vs. Oakland Arizona +110 LOSS
5/19/18 MLB Baseball San Diego vs. Pittsburgh Pittsburgh -130 LOSS
5/13/18 NBA Basketball Cleveland vs. Boston Cleveland -1.5 LOSS
5/6/18 NBA Basketball Houston vs. Utah Houston -5 WIN
4/29/18 NBA Basketball Utah vs. Houston Houston -11 WIN
4/22/18 NBA Basketball Toronto vs. Washington OVER 218.5 LOSS
4/15/18 NBA Basketball Utah vs. Oklahoma City Oklahoma City -3.5 WIN
4/8/18 NBA Basketball Atlanta vs. Boston OVER 202 WIN
4/1/18 NBA Basktball Sacramento vs. LA Lakers OVER 212.5 LOSS
3/23/18 NCAA Basketball West Virginia vs. Villanova Villanova -5 WIN
3/17/18 NCAA Basketball Ohio State vs. Gonzaga Gonzaga -3 WIN
3/9/18 NCAA Basketball Kansas State vs. Kansas Kansas -7.5 WIN
3/4/18 NCAA Basketball IUPUI vs. Oakland Oakland -6.5 WIN
2/25/18 NCAA Basketball Penn State vs. Nebraska Nebraska -1 WIN
2/17/18 NCAA Basketball Tennessee Tech vs. Murray State Murray State -14.5 LOSS
2/10/18 NCAA Basketball Texas Tech vs. Kansas State Texas Tech -1 WIN
2/3/18 NCAA Basketball Murray State vs. TN Martin Murray State -11.5 WIN
1/28/18 NCAA Basketball Tulsa vs. Wichita State Wichita State -16.5 WIN
1/21/18 NFL Football Minnesota vs. Philadelphia Philadelphia +3 WIN
1/14/18 NBA Basktball Portland vs. Minnesota OVER 213 WIN
1/5/18 NCAA Basketball Oregon vs. Oregon State Oregon -2.5 LOSS
12/30/17 NCAA Football Washington vs. Penn State Penn State -2.5 WIN
12/24/17 NFL Football Detroit vs. Cincinnati Detroit -3 LOSS
12/17/17 NCAA Basketball North Carolina vs. Tennessee North Carolina -1 WIN
12/10/17 NFL Ftooball Green Bay vs. Cleveland Green Bay -3 WIN
12/3/17 NFL Football New England vs. Buffalo New England -8 WIN
11/25/17 NCAA Football Iowa State vs. Kansas State OVER 49.5 LOSS
11/18/17 NCAA Football Houston vs. Tulane OVER 52 LOSS
11/11/17 NCAA Football Wyoming vs. Air Force Wyoming +2.5 WIN
11/4/17 NCAA Football Oregon vs. Washington OVER 52.5 LOSS
10/28/17 NCAA Football UCLA vs. Washington OVER 58 WIN
10/21/17 NCAA Football USC vs. Notre Dame USC +3.5 LOSS
10/14/17 NCAA Football Ohio State vs. Nebraska OVER 58 WIN
10/6/17 NCAA Football Memphis vs. Connecticut Memphis -14 WIN
9/29/17 NCAA Football South Carolina vs. Texas A&M OVER 49 LOSS
9/23/17 NCAA Football Washington vs. Colorado OVER 54 LOSS
9/18/17 NFL Detroit vs. NY Giants Detroit +3.5 WIN
9/10/17 NFL NY Giants vs. Dallas Dallas -4 WIN
9/3/2017 NCAA Football Texas A&M vs. UCLA OVER 57.5 WIN
8/26/2017 NCAA Football Oregon State vs. Colorado State Colorado State -3.5 WIN
8/19/2017 MLB LA Angels vs. Baltimore LA Angles +155 WIN
8/11/2017 MLB Minnesota vs. Detroit Minnesota -110 WIN
8/6/2017 MLB Philadelphia vs. Colorado Philadelphia +105 WIN
7/29/2017 MLB Houston vs. Detroit Detroit +100 WIN
7/19/2017 MLB Philadelphia vs. Miami Philadelphia +170 WIN
7/15/2017 MLB Arizona vs. Atlanta Atlanta +120 WIN
7/4/2017 MLB Tampa Bay vs. Chicago Cubs OVER 7.5 WIN
7/1/2017 MLB Philadelphia vs. NY Mets Philadelphia +165 LOSS
6/22/2017 MLB Arizona vs. Colorado Arizona +130 WIN
6/17/2017 MLB Chicago Cubs vs. Pittsburgh Pittsburgh +110 WIN
6/10/2017 MLB Texas vs. Washington Washington -150 LOSS
6/2/2017 MLB Houston vs. Texas Houston -120 WIN
5/27/2017 MLB Seattle vs. Boston Boston -125 WIN
5/21/2017 MLB Toronto vs. Baltimore UNDER 8.5 WIN
5/12/2017 MLB San Diego vs. Chicago White Sox San Diego +105 WIN
5/6/2017 MLB San Francisco vs. Cincinnati OVER 9 WIN
4/27/2017 MLB Seattle vs. Detroit UNDER 9 WIN
4/21/2017 MLB NY Yankees vs. Pittsburgh Pittsburgh +100 WIN
4/15/2017 MLB Baltimore vs. Toronto OVER 9 LOSS
4/6/2017 MLB Colorado vs. Milwaukee Colorado +105 WIN
4/1/2017 NBA Orlando vs. Brooklyn Brooklyn -4 WIN
3/25/2017 NBA Minnesota vs. Portland UNDER 212.5 WIN
3/17/2017 NBA Chicago vs. Washington UNDER 211.5 LOSS
3/11/2017 NBA Philadelphia vs. LA Clippers Philadelphia +14.5 WIN
3/4/2017 NBA Toronto vs. Milwaukee Toronto (PK) LOSS
2/25/2017 NBA Atlanta vs. Orlando OVER 209 LOSS
2/15/2017 NBA Indiana vs. Cleveland Cleveland -6 WIN
2/7/2017 NBA Orlando vs. Houston Houston -12.5 WIN
2/5/2017 NFL New England vs. Atlanta New England -3 WIN
2/5/2017 NFL New England vs. Atlanta OVER 57.5 WIN
1/29/2017 NBA Oklahoma City vs. Cleveland Cleveland -8 WIN
1/22/2017 NFL Pittsburgh vs. New England New England -6 WIN
1/15/2017 NFL Green Bay vs. Dallas Green Bay +5 WIN
1/8/2017 NFL Miami vs. Pittsburgh Pittsburgh -11.5 WIN
1/1/2017 NFL New York vs. Washington New York +9 WIN
12/25/2016 NFL Minnesota vs. Green Bay OVER 44.5 WIN
12/18/2016 NFL New England vs. Denver New England -3 WIN
12/11/2016 NFL Dallas vs. NY Giants Dallas -3.5 LOSS
12/3/2016 NCAA FB Wisconson vs. Penn State Penn State +2.5 WIN
11/26/2016 NCAA FB Utah vs. BYU BYU -17 WIN
11/19/2016 NCAA FB USF vs. SMU UNDER 72.5 WIN
11/14/2016 NFL Cincinnati vs. NY Giants OVER 49.5 LOSS
11/12/2016 NCAA FB New Mexico vs. Utah New Mexico -2 WIN
11/6/2016 NFL Indianapolis vs. Green Bay Indianapolis +6.5 WIN
10/30/2016 NFL Arizona vs. Carolina Carolina -2.5 WIN
10/23/2016 NFL San Diego vs. Atlana OVER 53 WIN
10/15/2016 NCAA FB Kansas vs. Baylor Baylor -33 WIN
10/8/2016 NCAA FB TCU vs. Kansas Kansas +28 WIN
10/1/2016 NCAA FB Florida vs. Vanderbilt Vanderbilt +11 WIN
9/25/2016 NFL Denver vs. Cincinnati Denver +3.5 WIN
9/18/2016 NFL Baltimore vs. Cleveland Baltimore -4.5 WIN
9/11/2016 NFL Pittsburgh vs. Washington OVER 49.5 WIN
9/10/2016 NCAA FB Youngstown State vs. West Virginia Youngstown State +21 WIN
9/3/2016 NCAA FB Towson vs. USF USF -27 WIN