About 100 Unit Picks

Welcome to 100 Unit Picks, home of the one and only sports service who will only give you 1 winner per week! Yes, that is correct we only give out 1 play per week and we put a money back guarantee on it. That is how confident we are! After all how hard is it to win 1 play? Not very if your working has hard and have the information that we have access to.


My name is Michael Pupo and I am the founder of 100 Unit Picks in 2001. I have been working in the sports industry for most of my adult life. Before leaving the casino business I worked at many of the big books here in Las Vegas for over 14 years. I worked at 5 different sports books here in Vegas and I started at the very bottom as a ticket writer and after 8 years of working I had the great privilege of being one the bookmakers for one of the larger properties here in vegas. I spent 6 years helping to perfect the lines my fellow bookmakers were setting.


After 6 years of knowing I decided I was on the wrong side of the counter. While working at the casino’s I was not allowed to make wagers in vegas. Once I left it was game on. Over the years I have developed my 100 Unit system. It’s a very complex system where I can consistently put out 1 winner a week.


I don’t know about you but betting on 1 game a week is a heck of a lot less stressful than betting all across the board 7 days a week. My system is proven year after year. I have uploaded my records for the past 3 years. We are constantly updating my records to include much more older records so people can see for the last 16 years I have been delivering 1 winner a week. Now it’s not full proof, nothing in this world is. But if you want one big winner a week where we can slam the door on your bookie then you are in the right place.


If your looking for many games a day or a week, I will not be the right place for you. But if your wanting 1 big winner that comes with a 100% Money Back Guarantee then you are in the correct spot!


Here is how my system works. I don’t have many packages for you to choose from. I make it very simple where you can buy the one guaranteed winner or a monthly package or yearly package at very big discounts.


If you purchase my weekly 100 Unit and I don’t win, you get a money back, no gimmicks, you get a full your full money back the very same day.


Anytime you have a question feel free to either email or call into our office. We will be happy to answer all of your questions.